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American Cemetery & three-country point with Dutch mountains

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American Cemetery & three-country point with Dutch mountains​

We visit the American cemetery and take a ride through the mountains of the Netherlands

Departs every day at 8.15 a.m.

€ 64,00

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This morning we arrive on time, because we are going to the southernmost tip of the Netherlands, located between Germany and Belgium. We drive via a beautiful route to the American Cemetery. This cemetery is in Margraten. You have time to look around before we continue to the three-country point. We do this via a beautiful route, known to the Dutch as the Mergel route. Named after the marl that was extracted here. A Dutch coffee table is ready for you at the three-country point. That is a typical Dutch lunch. You can also view the entire surroundings from a tower with a glass plate. You can see Aachen for example .. After a short walk over the three-country point, we drive back through many beautiful villages back to Eindhoven. But not before we had a break on a beautiful viewpoint over the mountains. (time for coffee not included) before we drive back to Eindhoven.


American Cemetery Margraten

The cemetery's tall memorial tower can be seen before reaching the site, which covers 65.5 acres. From the cemetery entrance visitors are led to the Court of Honor with its pool reflecting the tower. At the base of the tower facing the reflecting pool is a statue representing women who have suffered loss. To the right and left, respectively, are the visitor building and the map room containing three large, engraved operations maps with texts depicting the military operations of the American armed forces. Stretching along the sides of the court are Tablets of the Missing on which are recorded 1,722 names. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified.

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Our starting point is easy to find. It is at the front of the station of Eindhoven, the Stationsweg. At the Student hotel.

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