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Largest amusement park in the Netherlands, ENTREE INCLUDED.

Departs every day at 9.30 a.m.

€ 77,50

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This morning we drive to the Efteling. This is a short drive away, and along the way our guide will explain everything about this park. Because in the past it was mostly known for the Fairytale Forest. But nowadays it is much more. Whether you want to go over in the Python. Want to take a dip in the flying Dutchman, or a boat trip on the beautiful lake. There is something for everyone.

The Efteling is Fairy Tales belong to the folk tales genre. Folk tales are so old since people communicate with each other. For centuries, folk tales such as fairy tales, legends, myths and sagas have been told and passed on to each other. That is why the inventors of most fairy tales are unknown. Someone came up with a story, told this to fellow villagers in the square while a passing sales representative picked up the story and passed it on to the next village. A fairy tale started to take on a life of its own, which is why there are often different versions of such a story. Every fairy tale has a moral, or a wise lesson. Traditionally, fairy tales were therefore intended as life lessons for adults, not for children! Fortunately, the fairy tales of Efteling are for everyone.

Towards evening we drive back to Eindhoven, after this magical day out.


Fairytale park Efteling

The Efteling is called "Keeper of fairy tales". After all, many fairy tales come together here. The Fairytale Forest is the heart of the park; the place where fairy tales come to life. In 1952 the Efteling started with ten fairy tales and now there are 29! With all new developments we go back to the fairytale-like core. Thus, fairy tales, legends, legends and stories continue to form the basis for the attractions. 

Starting point

Our starting point is easy to find. It is at the front of the station of Eindhoven, the Stationsweg. At the Student hotel.

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€ 77,50

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