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Was a nice, beautiful but certainly well cared for trip by you, also on behalf of the rest Monique S.

On behalf of us it was great and very well looked after toppie Ria S. Had a great trip arranged top Johan S.

This morning the bus was on time .. we drove via 3 points to Bobbejaanland .. Because there was a customer later, we thought that the driver would drive away .. But nothing less, he called the mobile number. Then to the gate, the broadcaster let .. It turned out that the customer did not understand the time .. So 30 minutes later we drove away completely .. How nice, I know that I can also send my 16-year-old children with Pajos. . 

Hi Patrick, Thanks again, also by my wife Diny, for the beautiful trip with many highlights (especially for me Bergisel, very beautiful in large) The trip was wonderful, partly due to your good explanation and understanding of things, that is really a plus if you have such a driver on the bus. All in all we can look back on a wonderful time we had, and now we will return to the order of the day. Hope to see you next time, Diny and Piet van der Hoeven, Rozenburg. 

Dear Patrick, Here is another message from 1 of your children from the past 12 days, with the photo of course. We had a good trip back from Konigsforst to your switch point, at 4.15 pm we were the 1st bus that arrived there, it was quiet when you were out. I want to thank you again for the fantastic 12 days, now that we are home we think what was the nicest and that is Saturday and Sunday, the ski jump was also very special but the walk of Monday with such a small group was also very nice and cozy. It takes a while before you go on holiday yourself but already have a great holiday with your family and enjoy each other. And finally think of the belt. With kind regards, Hennie and Jack Machielse

Thanks for the nice trip, thank you very much again. Best wishes. Fam. Winter 

We departed from the exchange point with a temporary driver. Patrick got on the way, and took over the wheel from there. At first we had the impression that he would have a tight hand in what was and was not allowed. But we soon discovered that that was just not the case. He ensured that all activities went smoothly and for some, even the announcement that we were going to sit down for dinner at 6.30 pm, prompted us to ask what time the dinner was when we left the bus! While he had also put everything on the notice board. Despite the fact that some things were even said 3 times, someone had forgotten to hand in his key at Wiesensteig, and on departure from Wörgl there was still someone who did not put his final destination on his luggage tag despite his very clear explanation. Patrick could be patient with angels by being clear about that to the person concerned, without hurting him. Even when the diabetic man was eating his chicken, while he had ordered something else, Patrick remained calm while you saw that the steam was almost coming out of his ears. Hats off !! He was also able to tell us a lot about the area, without getting bogged down in lengthy stories. And he guided us on the roads in a very calm and safe way. More than 3000 safe kilometers. As a driver / tour guide he gets a 9. From me that we turned out to have the same hobby and that we had an excellent click, is independent of that. All in all, this bus trip was a wonderful holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. Joop M.

Dear John, Your commitment is great, but your kindness is also heart-warming. You can also make something beautiful out of it during the long journeys. For all this, we thank you very much and wish you all the best despite lesser reports. Greetings, Ans and Michel

super trip it was.friendly, cordial people are you, well cared for, thought of everything, cookie, candy, chocolates, bottle of water, etc. Iris H.

It was a pleasant and well-organized trip to Toos M.

Had a nice day. Nice trip from krakow to berlin. Afterwards the guests were given an afternoon and a light tour through Berlin. Fantastic. Now sleep and go home tomorrow with the group, customers were very satisfied.

Lowlands …. Last year it was very nice, our driver had checked us in and then my friend forgot his money .. He told the driver and he asked, I can drive by, where do you live. He stopped at a bus stop and we still had our entrance stuff and wallet .. So happy.

Good morning, the microphone sounds, we are at the Disneyland parking lot. Waking up slowly, I receive a cup of coffee from the driver. Effe to the toilet, then grabbing the things I also receive my entrance ticket. Enjoying the park all day, I come back to the bus .. A big smile asks if I had a good time .. I take a seat and watch a nice movie. My eyes close for a moment. Good morning sounds again, we are at your departure point. That was comfortable. Next time again .. I can recommend it

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