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van Gogh Nuenen tour

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van Gogh Nuenen

Where did Van Gogh live in Nuenen, and view the works in the Vincentre

Departs every day at 10 a.m. (not on Mondays)

€ 47,50

Reservation required


This day we leave at 10 a.m. We drive through a route by the Meierij, in the meantime we will past the old residential area of van Gogh. We see the nature reserves and farms that Van Gogh painted. We park the bus in the center of Nuenen, also called vincentvillage. We are going to first visit the museum, here you can look around yourself with an audio tour that is included in the price. After this there is also a restaurant in the museum where you can use the lunch yourself. After the lunch, we take a walk through Nuenen, and we come across about 24 places you might know from van Gogh. After the walk there is still time to take pictures yourself. Before we drive back to Eindhoven. A true experience.

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van Gogn Nuenen

In the Vincentre museum we hear stories about him and we read his stories about Nuenen when he lived and worked here from 1883 to 1885. We get to know him as a person and we see his development into a world-famous painter.

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Our starting point is easy to find. It is at the front of the station of Eindhoven, the Stationsweg. At the Student hotel.

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€ 47,50

6 hours

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